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Rencontres initiatiques / Initiatory encounters 

Master degree final exhibition, École nationale supérieure des beaux arts de Paris, June 2013.

Going against the expected exhibition of individual works of art produced during 5 years of study, the exhibition "Initiatory encounter" presents the works of artists I met during my artistic education. On the wall next to every piece exposed, a text relates the encounter with the work of art, evokes the personality of the artist who made it, the production context and the influence this work had on my own artistic practice. The exhibition is organized, it starts with an artist book glimpsed in 2008 during my first year of study and ends with a large format drawing admired at length during the spring of 2013, shortly before my degree show. A text evoking disappearance and the name of the 11 artists frames the exhibition.

Thanks to : Morgane Denzler, Robert Drowilal, Charlotte El Moussaed, Lennart Krauss, Boaz Levin, François Maurin, Elise Mazac, Julia Mensch, Thomas Tardivo et Adrien Vermont.