Séjour en morceaux

Text, installation and performance, night of the museums, museum de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, 2016.
Thanks to Charlotte El Moussaed..

A chair is positioned at the end of a corridor of the "musée de la Chasse et de la Nature" in Paris, behind it there is a screen hanging on the wall. It shows seven landscapes, filmed during a stay in the art residency of the museum in Belval (Ardennes). .
Throughout the whole evening , three performers sit on the chair one after the other and perform the same story over and over again..
They tell fragments of seven days spent in the residency, day after day like the confessional of a reality show. A few objects- a mill made with branches, the skull of a deer, a dehydrated apple, some photographs, some letters - are placed on the floor at the foot of the performer and are mentioned in the account..
The visitor becomes then, for a few moments, the receiver of a testimony which evokes the identity of a place through found objects, the walks in these landscapes, the relation with hunting and with the landowners, the Sommer couple whose two graves overlook the park.